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Interview with CanvasRebel.


"Unafraid to dive deep into the complexities of the human heart." -Dulaxi


Melodic new heights." -HONK Magazine


Video feature on Unsigned Heat.


"A must-listen for anyone." -HYPEFRESH


Interview with Voyage LA.


Christmas tribute to Nuhad Levasseur:


"A sensational talent." -Roadie-Music


"The first minute will earn a place in your favorites." -Zone Nights


"Compelling vocal delivery." -Illustrate Magazine


"Innovative and nostalgic pop." -Indieoclock


Featured by Shoutout LA.


"Heart-tugging lyrics combined with catchy accompaniment." -Pop Passion Music Blog


"Good pop...merged with R&B." -ZoneNights


Flying Kites interview with Rising Artists Blog.


Flying Kites feature on Roadie-Music (Portuguese).


Flying Kites feature on Buzz-Music.


Flying Kites interview with Broadtube.


Flying Kites feature on YMX.


Interview with YMX.


Top feature on Songwriting Magazine.


"You're going to feel this one." -The Music Below


"An incredibly fleshed-out pop aesthetic." -Indie Top 39


Featured on Music-News.


"The full scope of his vocal expressiveness is unleashed." -Independent Music News 24


"A force to be wreckoned with." -Video Music Stars


"Another step forward in his vocal expressiveness." -Jamsphere


Interview with IndieBandGuru.


"Llamas sings straight from the heart...and delivers the powerful performance this record deserved." -SleepingBagStudios


"A thriving career in spite of medical obstacles." -TimothyFeatures

"It's all looking golden from here."  -Listen With Monger


"The beginning of something special...keep an eye on this guy."



Featured by BRASH! Magazine.


"Honest pop music and does not pretend to be anything else."

-Beehive Candy


Interview with Impose Magazine.


Featured artist on IndieBandGuru.


Interview with Antoinette Ortega on the 16orBetterShow.


"An artist that will truly last, period."  -SleepingBagStudios


"Elaborate web of elegantly balanced musical roots, dripping in Pop!"  -Jamsphere


"Gorgeous melodies"  -Soundlooks


"Slick beats and sparkling production with superb vocals."



"Gold is a jewel in the pop music crown."  -VideoMusicStars


"Truly knocks it out of the park."  -IndependentMusicNews24


"Emotionally-driven and melodically soaring"  -Tuneloud!


"Unexpected joy even for the most jaded listener!"  -Brandooze


"Epic pop track with massive appeal."  -Glitter&Stilettos


"Crisp and top notch--real professional."  -BoomBoomChik




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