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"I've always been an artist...and art can be expressed in many different ways."  


Justin Llamas made his performing debut on the popular streaming site YouTube, and has been producing chart-topping cover videos for years since. In a successful internet career, he has built a loyal fan base across multiple platforms. The response to his cover songs have even attracted responses from the original artists themselves.


His internet success-streak has crossed over into film and television as well, being featured in a number of commercials, TV shows, and films; most notably as a recurring actor in viral campaigns. Justin has even expanded his talents into voice-over, recording for children's toys and narrated podcasts.


Justin's original music can be described as Versatile Pop, spanning acoustic melodies to hard-hitting synths.  His work has received compliments from the likes of L.A. Reid, Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, and Babyface. It was L.A. Reid who believed Justin's writing would one day lead him to win a Grammy.

"Justin Llamas is already a star. We just have to let everyone else know it." -Noel Haggard 


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